KARNAK 3036 Poly-Mat is a firm finish stitch bonded textile material composed of polyester fiber to form a strong reinforcing fabric with cold roofing mastics and liquid elastomerics. While the chemical and thermal properties of KARNAK 3036 Poly-Mat are essentially those of polyester fiber, the product’s stitch bonded structure endows it with an extraordinary combination of physical properties. The distinctive characteristics of KARNAK 3036 Poly-Mat include high tensile strength compiled with high elongation, outstanding tear strength and toughness, high bulk and porosity, non-raveling edges, and excellent dimensional stability. This product is ideal for replacing felts and fiberglass as reinforcing mats on smooth surfaces such as BUR, modified bitumen membranes and concrete surfaces.
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N/A 9"x180'


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N/A KRN-3036-9