• The DRUM RACK CONVERSION KIT (Patent Pending) allows the use of 15-gallon drums to be used or mounted on various low-pressure adhesive pumps.
• Savings on 2 part adhesive installation are as great as $.40 per sq. foot. Example: On a 30,000 square foot roof that is a savings of $12,000.
• The combination of hoses and quick disconnect fittings makes for the easy assembly and modification.
• All fittings and valves are assembled to provide a constant flow of adhesive material and to reduce the amount of moisture that enters the large drums.
• Air driers and optional nitrogen blanketing provides protection of moisture sensitive adhesives.
• Self sealing quick disconnects are used to facilitate the exchange of drums when one set is empty.
• The flush kit quick disconnect allows for easy flushing and cleaning of the assembly to help maintain maximum volume flow thru the system.

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