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Part No.


Engine Type

N/A Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV Horizontal

Bore x Stroke

N/A 3.1" x 2.8" (78 x 72 mm)


N/A 42 cu in (688 cm3)

Compression Ratio

N/A 9.3 : 1

Net Power

N/A 20.8 hp (15.5 kW)

Net Torque

N/A 35.6 lbs ft (48.3 Nm)

PTO Shaft Rotation

N/A Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft)

Ignition System

N/A Digital CDI with Variable Ignition Timing

Starting System

N/A Shift Type


N/A 2-barrel, fuel cut solenoid, inner vent

Lubrication System

N/A Full Pressure

Connecting Rod

N/A Forged Steel

Governor System

N/A Mecahanical

Air Cleaner

N/A Dual Element Type/Cynlindrical

Exhaust Emissions

N/A Certified for use in all 50 states

Evaporative Emissions

N/A Low permeation hose and purge joint provided

Oil Capacity

N/A 2.1 Us qt (2.0l)

Oil Filter

N/A Automotive Spin on style


N/A 15.9" (405mm) x 16.1" (410mm) x 17.2" (438mm)

Dry Weight

N/A 98lbs (44.4kg)