The Parapet Anchor System can be used for the placement of guardrail uprights, single point tie-off, or in conjunction with a horizontal rope lifeline. This product meets OSHA standards for guardrail and anchor point purposes. This anchor system acts as a single point tie-off and also integrates a safety pin for secure set up and adjustment so that the parapet anchor can fit a wall from four inches (4") to twenty inches (20") in width. The product is reinforced for long life, rated for 5,000 pounds, and can be used with shock absorbing lanyards and retractables. The Parapet Anchor System has large easy-to-grip adjustment handles for quick set-up and proper securement. However, only one option may be performed at a given time (e.g., You cannot use the guardrail system while using the single point tie-off).
  • Adjusts to fit parapet walls between 4” – 20” wide
  • Can be used as a single anchor point for fall arrest
  • OSHA compliant guardrail system
  • Easy installation
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