This coping system combines a continuous anchor cleat with an intermittent anchor clip. The continuous formed anchor is 24 ga. with 20 ga. clips. , and comes with a 20-Year, 110 mph Excel Warranty.  Available for parapet walls from 6-in. to 32-in.
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N/A Anchor cleats are provided with pre-punched holes for proper attachment and supplied with fasteners for fast installation. Continuous 24ga. anchor cleat for secure attachment in high winds. The concealed joint splice offers an internal gutter system that eliminates the need for caulked joints and butyl tapes. True welded radius, matching corners, end caps and other accessories are factory fabricated.


N/A OMG Continuous Cleat Coping Systems are available for use on parapet walls ranging from 6-in. to 32-in wide.