Factory Mutual tested and approved coping systems for use on parapet walls up to 32-inches wide.  PermaSnap Premier Plus offers some of the highest wind ratings in the industry, up to an FM 1-120 rating with test pressures up to 329 PSF (vertical), and 190 PSF (horizontal).
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N/A ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Tested and FM Approved. PermaSnap Premier can be used on walls from 4- to 24-inches. PermaSnap Premier Plus can be used on walls from 4- to 32-inches wide. Snap-on design aids installation productivity and eliminates exposed fasteners. The matched color concealed splices provide an internal gutter system to channel water back onto the roof. True welded radius, matching corners, end caps, and other accessories are factory fabricated and eliminate caulked joints and tapes.