18,000 carbide contacts to the roof per minute makes this the most powerful blade in the industry. This blade performs with more power, more efficiency, and less vibration. Will outlast most single blades 3-5 times longer. Fits all makes of roofing saws. Roofmaster offers an exclusive limited warranty on the bonding of our carbide inserts to the steel blade. Roofmaster’s philosophy is the more carbides, the finer the cut and less vibration as there is more surface hitting the roof deck. This model features 1/4” carbide and is 12” in diameter. Cutting depth of 2-1/4”.
Unit of Measure

Cutting Depth

N/A 2-1/4"


N/A 12 "

Carbide Length

N/A 1/4"



Part No.

N/A RMP-581265