SIGNATURE HEAT TRANSFER OIL SYSTEM: The unique Oil Jacketed heat transfer oil system is the key to even safe heating of today’s membranes and rubberized asphalt materials. With no Flues to replace, the RAM is designed to give you years of trouble-free operation. The Auger/ Agitator provides both sweeping and lifting actions to maintain uniform material temperature throughout the tank.
SAFE DIESEL HEAT: All RAM’s are diesel powered and heated eliminating propane hazards on the jobsite. The fully enclosed burner chamber provides maximum safety and security. The efficient diesel burner brings material to operating temperature typically in 45 minutes or less.
DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: is standard on all RAM Melters. The system monitors both the oil and material temperatures to ensure optimum control of today’s sensitive membranes. One main control panel contains all operating functions. The Green Status LED’s indicate when to turn on agitator and when material has reached safe application temperature.

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Material Capacity

N/A 150 Gallons

Heating Method

N/A Diesel


N/A 170" x 84" x 92"


N/A Garlock

Part No.

N/A GAR-301424